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If you are an exotic hardwood supplier, and would like to be considered for our Network of Suppliers, please fill out the following Supplier Application at the bottom of the page. If we need a tropical hardwood supplier with your qualifications and after we have evaulated your information and checked your references, we will enable your account and you will have access to solicitations as they come in. This is how it works...


My name is Mike French. I am a Virginia Class A licensed contractor and have owned and operated a very successful design and build deck and enclosure company since June of 1984... Virginia Decking & Remodeling LLC.

No laughing please!

In the course of designing and building exotic hardwood decks (like Ipe), we have added another service for my Ipe deck clients that allows them to receive competitive bids from multiple suppliers. Today I also invite folks worldwide who are not my clients to receive bids as well. They fill out a Buyer Solicitation Form, hit submit and their solicitation goes online for my Network of Suppliers to bid on. This service is gaining in popularity quickly because it guarantees my customers competitive pricing... so buyers win. Suppliers win because they get qualified leads of bona fide Ipe and tropical hardwood buyers each week... absolutely free.

I ask my suppliers to do several things:

  1. Understand that your total price to the buyer includes a 7.5% brokerage fee for us. When a sale is made, let the buyer know that there will be two separate charges... one charge from your firm and one charge from us. Buyers pay us the brokerage fee directly.
  2. When initial contact is made by phone and thru our online form that you fill out (we encourage you to always call them), let them know that you are responding to their Buyer Solicitation Form that Mike French made available to them on his Virginia Decking & Remodeling LLC website. They should know that we work together. Complete transparency is the best policy for all.
  3. Fill out the online form and call the buyer within 2 business hours of the new solicitation to demonstrate fast and reliable service. The phone call is important because personal contact enhances your chances of making the sale.
  4. Important: Copy me on all email, fax or written correspondence to the buyer. Frequently you will need to email your client back and forth. Just be sure we get copied on these emails. Keep us in the loop.
  5. Fill out a Supplier Application online. This gives us sufficient information about your company and its services to know if you can help my clients. It also is used to fill in the necessary fields in your Contract Proposal that will be made available to each buyer.
  6. Once we agree to do this, assign me to your most principled and conscientous salesperson as my point of contact. I only work with honest and ethical sales people.

This year we have typically received 1-3 solicitations a day (mostly for Ipe but occasionally for other tropical hardwoods) from folks in the US, Canada and occasionally other countries. Once you have been approved to join our Network of Suppliers, you will receive access to these solicitations each day and can begin contacting these exotic hardwood buyers immediately with your bids.

Fill out a Supplier Application now and then call me. To insure we are on the same page, we can discuss in detail how this works to save you time and energy... and do it in an extremely professional manner.

Good luck!

Mike French

540 786-3534




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